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So many sketches!

Hi! It’s been awhile. I’ve been working on lots of sketches and stuff. I’ve also spent plenty of time on Paint Tool SAI, and I’m learning more as I go along.

Today plus the past few weeks or so, I’ve filled more than half of my thick sketchbook (that I bought January!) Some pages hold my characters, but the rest are from reference photos. They’re not all manga style people either. I sketched animals, landscapes, furniture, and plants. I also practiced with vanishing points. (very helpful!) Then, today I spent time on sketching VOCALOID characters. I didn’t trace, I copied a drawing by observing a photo, (just being clear O.O) and it’s all for practice. It helped a lot. Here’s a drawing before today’s reference photo drawing.

meh sketchIt’s okay…but kinda boring to me.

And here’s a recreation of the same character after practicing today.

Yay sketchDon’t mind the shadows of faces behind her. I drew them too hard to erase completely =.=  I like her face a lot!

Below are some of the sketches I drew from reference.

vocaloid sketch collageRef. photo drawings turn out better than my own drawings. Mine don’t flow as well, but today they seemed to catch up a little.

Bonus! I love this guy’s pose, and his face. It surprised me how well this turned out.

_some dude with a cool pose

So never stop practicing, and use the right side of your brain! (no time to explain, look it up if you’re  curious enough.) And there are no shortcuts to developing real skill.

See ya!


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Ia on Sai


Yay! I’m done. I don’t remember where I made the background, but I didn’t make it on sai. I stumbled across a website a long time ago and made a random design with a selection of brushes it provided. I like how it looks with Ia. And I’m REALLY happy with her. I had a method of shading for everything except the hair. Start with a base color, shade with darker and darker color, then a whole bunch of random stuff. I also colored the lines for her hair by preserving opacity of the line art layer.

I think this will be the last thing I do on Sai for a while.

A few drawing tips: Shading makes a difference (don’t limit it to just the edges.) Don’t be afraid to experiment like crazy, and read as many tutorials as you can.

^I’m not saying anything like I’m an expert because I’m not. (for some reason, I feel like I should mention that O.o)


IA Lineart

It took me all of yesterday to figure out how to position her. I mean I wanted her arms raised and her knee bent, but I was having trouble drawing it. I would draw the arms too long or short. Sometimes her legs looked like they belonged to a frog. Her head and face looked wrong. Stuff like that. Thankfully I had the willpower to fix it. I’m used to settling with “so-so” stuff most of the time.

In case someone would like to know: To fix her face, I moved her eyes closer together. Also, I had to line up her nose and mouth. For arms, you need to know what kinds of muscles go where (a decent knowledge of muscles is important for drawing all parts of the body, really)  If you have trouble, hide them with sleeves like me! (proportions are important as well, and I’m still getting the hang of that.) I still need to practice with drawing legs, but again knowing the muscles are key. I hope to buy a book about human anatomy soon.

So I’m gonna start coloring now.

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This is Ia again. In all the pictures of her she’s always looked calm and shy, so I decided to draw her dancing. I’m going to work on the pose and the tilt of her head to make it look more “dance-y,” but I think I’m ready for Sai.

I’m in a great mood today! I’ve got my jams, which consist of dance remix/ trance songs, and I’m set for the rest of the day. (psh. who needs homeschooling?) I’m just kidding, Mom, if you read this. I’ll get to it eventually.