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Fanart Jack Frost and Rapunzel

Jack and Rapunzel Theme 1 rare event

So…whoa. I found some new brush settings and I gotta say that I like them a lot.

I made this for “Jackunzel” Week, Day One theme: Once in a Blue moon (rare event.) When I thought of them putting on shoes together, I almost cried. And I’m really glad it turned out so nice!  There are more themes for the rest of the week, but I don’t think I’ll make any more. I’ve got so many other drawings to make!

Goodbye then

(I should’ve spent more time on the hands grrrr)



Starry with shadows and an incomplete colored picture

I spent many hours coloring this picture, but I’m starting over. The layers were gettin’ all funky, so hopefully I’ll set it up right this time.

So here’s my drawing with and without color.

I’m very happy with this!

Not so happy with this… (I mean this looks like a good start to me, but stuff like colors and layers weren’t working very smoothly)I didn’t finish with the hair. What I have is just the base. I also couldn’t get a good glow from all the stars, especially the one above her head. I think if I set up the layers and masks it’ll look different. *fingers crossed*