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Jane and the Ocean Sketch

jane and the ocean sketch

I tried to make this as clean as possible, and I really like how this is looking. I think I’ll trace it on another paper before adding color.

So this is a fanart, I guess. I based the girl off Jane from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which you can watch on youtube. It’s a nice vlog series.



Stroll in the Park

stroll in the park

O.O I really rushed on the background, but at least it’s something I haven’t done before. Woo! I wonder what this would have looked like if I took more time…

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March 11!

I hate getting that uninspired and lazy feeling. How do I make it go away? >.<  Bleh

leap for music

I could finish this in a few days at most, but I started drawing it a couple of weeks ago and have gradually spent less effort on it each day. *sob* Hopefully, I will finish this soon. But what do you think of the pose? I’m getting better with anatomy…I hope!

Music girl

I made this for a friend, while experimenting with a somewhat different style. I noticed that I’m starting to fall back on portraits, and I don’t want to do that. I just need to regain some confidence and motivation.




Blue-haired girl says, “Hi.”

clouds and girl

I almost can’t believe I made this…oh my gosh.  I mostly used the watercolor tool and the checkered box that exchanges your normal color for a transparent color. It acts kind of like an eraser, but with a better, more blended result. I like her skin and hand the best. I had to use a picture of my hand to draw it.

So what helped me accomplish this, kind of went in a list like so: I spent time making her as symmetrical as possible (on paper), I scanned it into the computer and worked on symmetry some more, then I took time on every little line. I wasn’t satisfied with her raised arm, so I kept redoing it until I was happy. When it came to coloring, again, I took my time placing the shadows and stuff. I gradually went darker with the shading, then at the end, I added highlights. (That’s how I went about with everything except her skin. It’s so pale that highlights were kind of pointless, but I did add a few white “shinys” on her face.

Look at her face. I haven’t really shaded between the eyes and eyebrows before or next to the eyeballs where the corners of the eyes are.  Shading in those places made things look more realistic and nice.

(Sometimes I wonder about why I haven’t finished some paintings or drawn what I said I would draw…I guess it’s mainly because I lost inspiration for them, but maybe I’ll get back to them soon.)

I have a wonderful idea that I’ll be working on today, and I’ll be trying for a new style. I don’t really like the shiny, plastic-like look. I think I’d like something more unique and messy? maybe. Honestly, I’m not sure what style I like best! It’s frustrating!!


So many sketches!

Hi! It’s been awhile. I’ve been working on lots of sketches and stuff. I’ve also spent plenty of time on Paint Tool SAI, and I’m learning more as I go along.

Today plus the past few weeks or so, I’ve filled more than half of my thick sketchbook (that I bought January!) Some pages hold my characters, but the rest are from reference photos. They’re not all manga style people either. I sketched animals, landscapes, furniture, and plants. I also practiced with vanishing points. (very helpful!) Then, today I spent time on sketching VOCALOID characters. I didn’t trace, I copied a drawing by observing a photo, (just being clear O.O) and it’s all for practice. It helped a lot. Here’s a drawing before today’s reference photo drawing.

meh sketchIt’s okay…but kinda boring to me.

And here’s a recreation of the same character after practicing today.

Yay sketchDon’t mind the shadows of faces behind her. I drew them too hard to erase completely =.=  I like her face a lot!

Below are some of the sketches I drew from reference.

vocaloid sketch collageRef. photo drawings turn out better than my own drawings. Mine don’t flow as well, but today they seemed to catch up a little.

Bonus! I love this guy’s pose, and his face. It surprised me how well this turned out.

_some dude with a cool pose

So never stop practicing, and use the right side of your brain! (no time to explain, look it up if you’re  curious enough.) And there are no shortcuts to developing real skill.

See ya!


Flower Girl

flower girl

I made this yesterday. I finished the lines and filled the base colors the night before, so coloring seemed to fly by. I’m really glad that this actually looks a lot more manga-like than what I’ve drawn before. Woohoo

The signature in the corner is my username on (Cricket was taken and I didn’t really want a username like Cricket 439472)I got an account about two weeks ago. I’m hoping to find more drawing buddies. Anyone!

Edit! Now it’s  (didn’t like cocolumy…bleh)

Process (Hair) : Light pink for base layer. Dark pink gradient on bottom and light peachy-orange on top with the airbrush then blended with watercolor (density very very low.) I used a darker pink with brush for the shade strands. I just had to experiment a lot to find the right spots for them. ( Don’t forget light source.) I used eraser with a very low density to blend the dark strands. I mostly erased the top of each strand. Lastly, I used a very light pink for highlights. I used the brush with a low min size to make the lines look more like hair. I used the watercolor tool on some of them.

It’s good to experiment with the different tools to see how each one works. I mainly use brush, watercolor,and airbrush.

I’ve been making something everyday. I feel so productive. It’s awesome. Steampunk Girl is taking a long time for some reason.


Chibi and Storm Fairy Drawing

Hi guys! I’ve got two new paintings.

vampire chibiI am so so surprised by how nice this turned out. I like her hair the best. I think I’ll be drawing her again sometime.

Storm fairy

This took me about two days and AAAHHH! I almost can’t believe I drew this.  I’m so thankful for Paint Tool Sai. Once I got used to the tools, things have been a lot easier. When I was sketching this, I had originally planned this to be the redo of Steampunk Girl. Instead, I accidentally made a completely different character. Haha!

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chibi smallI’m still working on the steampunk girl. It’s taking me a while and I’m sorry, but I took a little break to paint this chibi. (I might have rushed a tad too much)

I’m really glad because I’m getting the hang of painting. The watercolor tool made a difference. I used to blur all of my shading, but instead of that, now I only blur a little part of it. (If you look at her legs, I used the brush tool to make a simple shade line. Then, I used the water tool at the bottom, leaving both hard and soft line.)

Until next time!