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Ballet and MusicThis was another birthday present a little while ago. I’m feeling so bleh. I haven’t felt like drawing much



Jane and the Ocean Sketch

jane and the ocean sketch

I tried to make this as clean as possible, and I really like how this is looking. I think I’ll trace it on another paper before adding color.

So this is a fanart, I guess. I based the girl off Jane from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which you can watch on youtube. It’s a nice vlog series.

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October 10

Here I have two drawings today. Both in ink…yay!

The only thing I would change is the floor. I didn’t use a ruler. I’m very happy with this drawing overall.


This drawing is a redo of what I sketched in my notebook last year. I thought about showing both to let you guys see how I used to draw, but I felt too embarrassed.

The only things I might change are her mouth, chin, and her hair.

Farewell for now. I’m working on another drawing that I’m going to finish hopefully soon.

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Not much today

Hello! Sorry, I don’t have a drawing to show today, but I’m working on one…kind of. I started a rough sketch yesterday, but I put it aside today to organize Violet and Hiro’s story.  By that, I mean I’ve made lots of character profiles.

I read through some creepy folklores about witches, werewolves, and ghosts. All of it ended in death, but it was just what I needed to get a “spooky supernatural” mindset, which has given me new ideas for more characters. I’m really interested to see them.

My favorite supporting character has been named Moonie the Mad Clockmaker, who is sort of a zombie. He can summon the dead and use it as defense. I like him because he’s going to be a quiet and lazy person, but kicks butt with his zombie army. (Oh, and the clockmaker part was the profession of his early years)


Fall is chilly

I’m happy that Fall is here.  The air turns crisp and cool. Everyone starts wearing scarves and jackets, and all I want to do is stay inside bundled up with a warm cup of apple cider. Fall brings such a great feeling. I love it! I love taking deep breaths of the cold air, but feeling the warm sun at the same time.

Now, to business…haha.

The more I look at this sketch the more I like it. I drew this around September 13, so it’s not from too long ago. I like her coat and mittens. I’m also satisfied with the flow of her hair. The scarf is okay, but it doesn’t look very clear.

Well, I’m glad.  I wanted a drawing for Fall, and I like what I did. I drew the eyes a little differently, but I think they look more appropriate. Her eyes give a sense of calmness, and I think it’s a little comforting as well. That’s how I feel when the weather cools down. Life seems to calm down and go into hibernation.

I really want some apple cider now. I’m also craving candy apples…AH! That gives me a sketch idea.

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Girl in a flower field

Hello! The picture I have to share today is from a month or two ago. The look wasn’t something I was going for, but I still like it very much. I don’t know how to explain it, but I wanted something more “anime-ish.” I should have outlined everything with black, but I have yet to master the tablet. I would love to get a program that Speed Paint videos on youtube use. I think those kind of programs have vector stuff. I’m not quite sure how it works, but I’ve heard it helps people make line-art. That’s what I need!

Recently, I’ve thought up a brand new plot. I’m getting super excited about it too. It will include fighting monsters and magic/science-fiction stuff. I’m not sure if I should share the details yet, but I will share my character drawings (most likely tomorrow.)

I’m very thankful for my sister again. Everything was jumbled up and undeveloped until I talked about it with her.