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December 10 (I mean 9th…oops)

Today has been a nice day. I spent a little of it drawing. The rest was full of random videos on the internet and micro-naps…*sigh.

Still, it was a nice day.

A few days ago I cleaned out my room, giving it a lot more space. It has also given it a new, uh, aura I guess. Pretty much all I’ve done lately is lay on the floor listening to music. I love my room! A lot of thinking has been done because of the nice mood I’m in. Two new characters along with another story has come to poke at my brain, by the way. Their names are Nikkolas Mint and June ….something. I have yet to find out what her last name is. But I’m really excited to see what happens in their story. I’m learning as many details as I can about them, and the plot is coming together by itself. Hey! To anyone who is constructing stories like me: Direct your focus to your characters’ background, personality, everything before writing their stories. Today I made a list of Nikkolas and June’s memories from kindergarten to high school, and that alone has made a lot of the story clear to my baby writer’s eyes.

Poor Hiro and Violet. I’m going to put them off for a little while. I do need some more details for them, though. Time might bring that to me. I also feel bad for Sylvia and Jex. They have patiently waited for me to get to them for at least two years! Yes, I’ve drawn them and developed their characters within that period, but I’m afraid that I’ll keep meeting new characters. GAAAAh! (Not that more characters and stories is a bad thing)

But I’m still feeling happy because my new story idea includes a skeleton carnival and a magic chocolate factory…muahahaa. It’ll be awesome.



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Hello! I don’t have any sketches to share today. I said I would draw Violet and Hiro, but I never found motivation to finish it.  I’m stuck in the doldrums. But I’ve found an awesome amv with a song that just blows my mind! Definitely a song to draw to.


Oh, anime, I love you.

I just finished watching Kimi ni Todoke. I love all of it!

This is basically how I felt watching Sawako and Kazehaya start to like each other:

When Sawako felt awful, I felt awful:

Then She and Kazehaya confessed their love! I felt like the universe was back in order:

I didn’t make any of these. I don’t own anything except my feelings! bahaa… I found the gifs at

When it ended, I felt that sad-yet-happy goodbye feeling. (I really felt that with Fruits Basket too) I’m really happy the characters straightened everything out. “I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob.” Anyway, it’s an awesome anime. I’d love to read the manga sometime.



1. You are playing The Game now that you read this post, or clicked on the Wikipedia link, whether you like it or not.

2. If you lose The Game then you have to announce on your blog how you lost the game, no matter how much that annoys your followers.

3. You must link at least 2 other people into this game.

I’m adding Scarlett Symphony from The Mindset of a WriterPandaren from No Pocky for Panda, and Yurika Mulase from Yurikaeureka. (I hope you guys don’t mind)

Alas, I have lost.

So far I’ve finished Ia’s skin. I’m making progress on her hair. I might finish tomorrow!

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A little extra for the day.

I haven’t really thought about my stories recently. Violet and Hiro’s story still needs development. I want it to have a lot of action and cool characters along with some plot twists.

Now that I’m talking about it, I’m feeling a little inspired. Maybe I’ll draw a picture of Violet and Hiro fighting a monster…yes! I will do that after Starry.

AND I wanted to share a poem I wrote four of five nights ago when I couldn’t sleep. It’s called Time’s Curse.  

I’m not really a poet. I just scribble a random idea down from time to time. I rhyme a little and I think I set up an okay rhythm. It’s all just for fun.

Some stuff I want you to know before reading: It’s about Tabitha who starts out as a little girl. I portrayed Time as a boy. I had Peter Pan in mind.


Tabitha thought a lot about time.

It was always on her mind.

Seconds, minutes, and hours flew by.

She almost wanted to cry,

For it was a never-ending cycle

that went on and on,

And her life was a tiny blip

Soon to be lost and forever gone.

Why did anything matter

If it was doomed to disappear,

While Time sailed forward

without any worry or fear?

“And Time’s going to leave me behind,”

Said Tabitha.

Her dismal words rang in Time’s ear,

So he flew down to meet her.

“I can imagine how you feel,”

Time said to Tabitha.

“I’ve known a lot of people

Who’ve said the same thing.”

Tabitha replied politely,

“That’s reassuring.”

But, in truth

She felt worried.

“Do you remember their names?”

Tabitha had to know.

If Time remembered,

Then he must care, she thought.

Time scratched his chin and said,

“No, I don’t remember one.”

This made Tabitha fall.

“My life will be trivial after all!”

“Don’t think like that!” Time cried.

“Life’s not about feeling sorry for yourself. I’m sure!”

“Then what’s life about?”

Tabitha listened with eager ears.

To her surprise, Time laughed.

“I haven’t a clue! I’ve had time to think too.”

Tabitha clutched her aging heart.

“What’ll I do?”

She raised her old, miserable eyes.

They met Time’s.

“You’ll be gone soon,” he said.

“Is there something you want?”

A sinister smile stretched across her face.

“I want you to remember me.”

“I’ll try my best. What’s your name?”

Time smiled back, unknowingly.

“Tabitha!” she screamed,

Throwing herself at him.

She snatched a nearby pair of scissors

and scratched her name across Time’s chest.

Time wailed with pain

until it was finished.

He finally fell to his knees

from pain and exhaustion.

Tabitha stood over him

full of satisfaction.

“I’ve wasted away thinking of you.

Now you’ll waste away thinking of me.”

When writing this poem, I was feeling all whimsical. The creepy curse ending just came out of nowhere, but I think it’s a wonderful character idea. I can almost picture the whole story about Time living with his curse. I’d also like to draw him.

So Tabitha has obsession about Time from when she was little. That’s how I pictured her in the beginning. She grows up and becomes more and more worried about dying, never to be significant or even remembered posthumous. (Family and friends will remember her, but they’ll eventually die too.) Then Time comes to meet her and hopefully cheer her up. She almost feels important since Time chose to talk to her, but she ends up hating him because he doesn’t care enough to remember any names. That’s why ,when she’s so miserable at her old age, she curses Time. I think his curse will cause him to age and eventually die, all the time being plagued by the thoughts of Tabitha.


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Some things about myself.

I love anime.

I’m sorta new to it, but it’s what got me drawing in my notebooks again. I saw anime and was like, “I want to draw like that!” Some of my favorite anime shows are Code Geass (AHH! so awesome), Fairy Tail, Hetalia, Toradora, and Eureka Seven. I haven’t read much manga yet, but Fruits Basket is dear to my heart.

I wrote a story over and over for almost two years. I never got anywhere near finishing, but now with my renewed interest in drawing I thought I should try turning my story into a manga. I’ll post sketches of my characters at some point!

Uh, some other stuff about myself…

Well, I’m learning Japanese. I must say it’s really fun . If I get to speaking it well, I’ll learn to read and write. Then, maybe I’ll save up to actually visit Japan. It’s the full Japanese experience!

Now to make things clear, I’m not obsessed with everything about Japan. I’m just obsessed with anime…and sushi. haha

Okay, enough about that. My favorite color is teal, I live in a funny family of movie quoters, and I’m terrified of Slenderman. Kinda short and random, but whatever….eh, I’m tired of trying to sound interesting. Until next time!