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Blue-haired girl says, “Hi.”


clouds and girl

I almost can’t believe I made this…oh my gosh.  I mostly used the watercolor tool and the checkered box that exchanges your normal color for a transparent color. It acts kind of like an eraser, but with a better, more blended result. I like her skin and hand the best. I had to use a picture of my hand to draw it.

So what helped me accomplish this, kind of went in a list like so: I spent time making her as symmetrical as possible (on paper), I scanned it into the computer and worked on symmetry some more, then I took time on every little line. I wasn’t satisfied with her raised arm, so I kept redoing it until I was happy. When it came to coloring, again, I took my time placing the shadows and stuff. I gradually went darker with the shading, then at the end, I added highlights. (That’s how I went about with everything except her skin. It’s so pale that highlights were kind of pointless, but I did add a few white “shinys” on her face.

Look at her face. I haven’t really shaded between the eyes and eyebrows before or next to the eyeballs where the corners of the eyes are.  Shading in those places made things look more realistic and nice.

(Sometimes I wonder about why I haven’t finished some paintings or drawn what I said I would draw…I guess it’s mainly because I lost inspiration for them, but maybe I’ll get back to them soon.)

I have a wonderful idea that I’ll be working on today, and I’ll be trying for a new style. I don’t really like the shiny, plastic-like look. I think I’d like something more unique and messy? maybe. Honestly, I’m not sure what style I like best! It’s frustrating!!


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

6 thoughts on “Blue-haired girl says, “Hi.”

  1. How are you able to mix in all the colors?! It’s so amazing and realistic!! O.O Wow….How long does it normally take for one project?

    • Thank you! I use a program called Paint Tool Sai that has lots of different tools that can create awesome effects. I’m still learning how to use it. Sometimes I can finish a painting in a day or less, but it has taken me a few days to complete some. Hopefully when I get more practice, I’ll be quicker. 🙂

      • Woah!! It must be hard!! I can’t even use photoshop =_=”
        Your already this good, I don’t know how amazing it’ll be when you keep on practicing !! 😀

        Fight fight!! I’m looking forward to your next works!!

      • Thank you so much! You are so encouraging!! 😀

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