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Steampunk Girl Lineart on Paint Tool Sai

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The past couple days have been rough for me. I was working on a drawing of Sylvia and Jex, but I hated how my lineart looked. Then I hated how I couldn’t get the colors right. I was ready to punch a wall or something. I overacted quite a bit sending myself through mood swings. I’d feel confident, frustrated, sad, deeply distraught, sad again, then suddenly confident. It’s exhausting.

But, after taking a little break, I decided to try drawing a recent sketch into lineart. (I have yet to draw what’s in her hands. And her hair’s cut off a bit…oops)

_steampunk girl


I have no idea how I was suddenly able to draw something I was pleased with today. The first three quarters of my day were filled with stinky lines, but then wa-bam! decent drawing!

What made a difference, was the size of the brush tool I started using–4. I usually use around 2 with a high “minimum size.” Don’t do that! I think using a low-ish min. size is much better. It makes the lines more attractive with the slightly varying widths. (I’m also learning where to make the lines thicker. Placement of line weight is kinda really important.)

So this is just a nameless steampunk girl that I drew one night. It’s not incredibly steampunk, but that’s because I’m still learning the art of clothes-designing and cute-little-detail drawing.

She’d be an interesting character, though. But I shouldn’t think up another story now! Gotta focus on what I’ve already put on my plate! (Man, I’ve got several stories in mind, and each one alone is gonna take a while (years probably.)

I’m glad I’m not so down anymore. What made me most frustrated was how I kept trying for professional quality. I think every time I thought that, I started working faster and sloppier.  I’m pretty sure almost every artist compares themselves to artists with greater talent constantly. I just have to remember that I’ll eventually get to where I want to be, and to take my time getting there.

Before I go, I’d like to share a cool song I just found. From youtube, I don’t own it or anything.


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