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Do a little dance for the new year!

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I’ve got some drawings today!

_Princess MonokeThis is Princess Mononoke, a Studio Ghibli piece. I used a reference pic for this. Reference photos make drawings so much easier, for some reason. Whenever I try drawing something completely new, it’s more of a challenge. It just means I’m still learning.

_Howl's Moving Castle

I love Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s one of my favorites. If you’ve seen the movie, you should read the book. It’s a little quirkier, but it’s awesome. I’ve read it so many times…But every time I reread it, I noticed little details that made the plot more interesting. Anyway, I used a reference pic again, but this time I tried adding a little of my style and tastes (pretty much the eyes and length of hair.) I’m getting more comfortable with inking, by the way!

_Get out of my house (progress)

This is what I’m working on currently. This is Sylvia and Jex. I’m calling this drawing, “Get out of my House”. hehe. I think I need to change Jex’s face a little.

MountainsHere’s a picture of where I went on Christmas vacation!

I’m buying Paint Tool Sai very soon, and I’m really excited! So long for now!



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