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Sketches from songs to come! And Nikkolas Mint


I’m going to listen to some songs and draw what comes to mind. I won’t say I’ll start tomorrow because whenever I pinpoint a day, I never do it. If anyone decides to do the same thing, tell me because I would very much like to see what you might come up with!

Has anyone watched the anime Acchi Kocchi? It’s hilarious and I love it.

_Nikkolas MintSo here’s Nikkolas, my newest character. He will inherit his father’s chocolate factory with magic chocolate that can bring skeletons to life. Skeleton Carnival WOO! I’m pleased with this idea, but I don’t know what is going to happen past that. I guess figuring it out along the way will be the most fun.


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

6 thoughts on “Sketches from songs to come! And Nikkolas Mint

  1. Nope, I haven’t seen it, but you’re drawing looks so interesting that I’m starting it right now! X:D (it’s a vampire-smiley…I think..I just thought of it)

  2. I was requested to review Acchi Kocchi! It was on my RGRAS series requests though, so I couldn’t do it 😦

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