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Painting Girl in Ink

I feel confident that I’m improving! I sketched this right after my last blogging, but I was too lazy to post it. Well, here it is in different stages!

_painting sketch

This is the sketch. I forgot to add her eyebrows. I only realized they were missing when I was inking in the eyes.

_painting inked

The canvas looks a little weird. I can’t really fix it now unless I re-draw it digitally. This is the inked version before I added a little line weight and gray ink for shading. I’d like to get an extra fine pen. A small or fine was what I used, and it was a little too thick. If you’ll notice the very thin lines in her skirt…that was only accomplished by fast, light strokes. I was careful not to mark outside her skirt.

_painting finished

What do you think? I’d like to change a few parts, but this is the best I’ve done with my ink pens. And I’ve never drawn hair this nice. I just had to go slow and take it one chunky strand at a time.

Also, I’m starting to understand the flow of lines like folds in clothing or strands of hair. Since it’s manga-style, the hair can sort of defy gravity. It’s very fun playing with hair. To anyone who’s learning to draw, I spent a lot of my time looking at clothes and getting a sense of how it moves according to body movements. (Please remember that I’m still learning too) Experimenting on paper is also important. I have a few pages in my sketchbook where I just practiced folds in clothes. I think folds help to identify the type of cloth. In my drawing, there are plenty of folds (most of them are long), making her clothes look light and thin especially where it bunches up and overlaps at the bottom of her shirt. I hope you can see that it hangs loosely.

I want to talk about her face as well. The placement of the mouth seemed a little awkward at first, but I think it is where it belongs. It would definitely look weird for a mouth to be too high or low. Then her nose. I like its little curve into a point because it helps to give her an elf-look. But I think I draw noses like this most of the time, I should probably experiment.



Sketches from songs to come! And Nikkolas Mint

I’m going to listen to some songs and draw what comes to mind. I won’t say I’ll start tomorrow because whenever I pinpoint a day, I never do it. If anyone decides to do the same thing, tell me because I would very much like to see what you might come up with!

Has anyone watched the anime Acchi Kocchi? It’s hilarious and I love it.

_Nikkolas MintSo here’s Nikkolas, my newest character. He will inherit his father’s chocolate factory with magic chocolate that can bring skeletons to life. Skeleton Carnival WOO! I’m pleased with this idea, but I don’t know what is going to happen past that. I guess figuring it out along the way will be the most fun.

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December 10 (I mean 9th…oops)

Today has been a nice day. I spent a little of it drawing. The rest was full of random videos on the internet and micro-naps…*sigh.

Still, it was a nice day.

A few days ago I cleaned out my room, giving it a lot more space. It has also given it a new, uh, aura I guess. Pretty much all I’ve done lately is lay on the floor listening to music. I love my room! A lot of thinking has been done because of the nice mood I’m in. Two new characters along with another story has come to poke at my brain, by the way. Their names are Nikkolas Mint and June ….something. I have yet to find out what her last name is. But I’m really excited to see what happens in their story. I’m learning as many details as I can about them, and the plot is coming together by itself. Hey! To anyone who is constructing stories like me: Direct your focus to your characters’ background, personality, everything before writing their stories. Today I made a list of Nikkolas and June’s memories from kindergarten to high school, and that alone has made a lot of the story clear to my baby writer’s eyes.

Poor Hiro and Violet. I’m going to put them off for a little while. I do need some more details for them, though. Time might bring that to me. I also feel bad for Sylvia and Jex. They have patiently waited for me to get to them for at least two years! Yes, I’ve drawn them and developed their characters within that period, but I’m afraid that I’ll keep meeting new characters. GAAAAh! (Not that more characters and stories is a bad thing)

But I’m still feeling happy because my new story idea includes a skeleton carnival and a magic chocolate factory…muahahaa. It’ll be awesome.