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Ia on Sai

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Yay! I’m done. I don’t remember where I made the background, but I didn’t make it on sai. I stumbled across a website a long time ago and made a random design with a selection of brushes it provided. I like how it looks with Ia. And I’m REALLY happy with her. I had a method of shading for everything except the hair. Start with a base color, shade with darker and darker color, then a whole bunch of random stuff. I also colored the lines for her hair by preserving opacity of the line art layer.

I think this will be the last thing I do on Sai for a while.

A few drawing tips: Shading makes a difference (don’t limit it to just the edges.) Don’t be afraid to experiment like crazy, and read as many tutorials as you can.

^I’m not saying anything like I’m an expert because I’m not. (for some reason, I feel like I should mention that O.o)


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

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