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IA Lineart


It took me all of yesterday to figure out how to position her. I mean I wanted her arms raised and her knee bent, but I was having trouble drawing it. I would draw the arms too long or short. Sometimes her legs looked like they belonged to a frog. Her head and face looked wrong. Stuff like that. Thankfully I had the willpower to fix it. I’m used to settling with “so-so” stuff most of the time.

In case someone would like to know: To fix her face, I moved her eyes closer together. Also, I had to line up her nose and mouth. For arms, you need to know what kinds of muscles go where (a decent knowledge of muscles is important for drawing all parts of the body, really)  If you have trouble, hide them with sleeves like me! (proportions are important as well, and I’m still getting the hang of that.) I still need to practice with drawing legs, but again knowing the muscles are key. I hope to buy a book about human anatomy soon.

So I’m gonna start coloring now.


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

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