Cricket's Drawings

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Character: Hiro


I like everything except his posture. It doesn’t look very natural, but I was too lazy to go back and fix it. I’ve improved with painting clothes, though. His hoodie is awesome.

Is his head too big? Oh, and I wanted to tell anyone out there that is new to Sai, change the stabilizer settings to those “S-” numbers! I used S-6 for line art and it saved me a bunch of time. The lines turn out smoother and stuff.

Well, time is running out before my free trial is up. I’m thinking about painting a VOCALOID character next (probably Ia.) I’ve listened to a lot of her songs lately.


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

3 thoughts on “Character: Hiro

  1. One of my friends has a link to a free version of Sai, if you want it. It’s at her blog, do you want the link?

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