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Ia sketch



I guess I was a little productive. This is Ia, that vocaloid girl. I sketched this while paying close attention to a picture in front of me, so not as impressive. But I do feel better. I’ll draw like crazy tomorrow!….maybe


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

24 thoughts on “Ia sketch

  1. Looks just like her! So well drawn! Wow…I admire/envy you for that! 😀

    • Thank you! And are you on

      • Yurps! I followed you on there… (I’m Scarlett Symphony) This is the first time I’ve seen the theme that you’re using…I want to change the theme of my blog (which by the way, thanks for following!). Any suggestions?

      • Cool! I’m following you on figment as well. I like the look of your blog. It has a nice feel to it, but if you change it keep using comfortable colors 🙂 And I’m using Paint tool Sai. It takes a while to get used to it, but you can download a free trial for thirty days!

      • Ooh la la! Thanks for the follow. :D…Sai…will they track me down after the thirty days?

      • I have yet to find out… O.O I’ve got about 10 days left

      • Oh? So are you rushing to draw as many characters and make as many models (and possibly, create a manga/anime) as fast as you can? BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT! GOOD GOSH! I wish you luck and Godspeed!

      • Thank you!! I was going to work on Sai today, but then I was like…”ooh! figment discussions! blog! Cat videos! yay!”

      • Lols…I do that…instead of writing my poem for World History 2, it’s ‘Ooh! figment! Ooh, other people’s blogs! Ooh, pinterest! Ooh, email! Ooh, manga/anime! Ooh, Wikipedia. Ooh!, My OWN BLOG!’….Everyone tells me that I’m the stupidest smart person they ever met–I’m beginning to believe them.

      • Haha! Every now and then when I draw for too long, I get into slap happy moods where I laugh every few minutes. I feel pretty stupid sometimes hehe, but it’s fun

      • Yeah…especially when I’m on pinterest–my younger sister came out of her room and was like ‘What are you laughing at?’ and then I guffawed..What animes are you watching?

      • Currently, I’m watching Sword Art Online. I LLLove it! I guess most of the anime I watch have action and stuff, but I do love Toradora and Fruits Basket. Well, I have to go to bed now. Talk to you tomorrow?

      • Yeah, I have to go to bed, too. Tomorrow! BUT I LOVE TORADORA! Rie Kugimiya is my favorite voice actress so I’m watching as many animes that have characters voiced by her–as much as I can (she voiced Taiga).

      • She has a unique voice. I was watching Fairy Tail a few months ago, and I noticed that Rie Kugimiya was a voice…!! So do you want to be an author or a mangaka?

      • Could I be both? I’d love to do both, both under a pen-name hopefully. You?

      • I hope to read your works someday! So, are you going to by the board drawing-thingy for your computer like on Sakurasou?

  2. Sure! I say Go! But for me? I just wanna be a mangaka.

  3. I hope to read your works some day…so, are you going to get the drawing pad for the computer, like on Sakurasou?

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