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More Sylvia and Jex

I have two new sketches of Sylvia and Jex…again. Their hands look funny and Sylvia’s facial features are a little off, but I feel like I’m making improvement!  (I wish I could make them look older, though)

Around 6 last night I felt so tired I had to take an hour-long nap. I was still tired when I woke up, but I finished the sketch of Sylvia. Then I was sketching Jex well into midnight, feeling wide awake. Does this happen to anyone else?

I’ve got lots of sketch ideas for Jex and Sylvia, but I think I’ll draw Hiro and Violet today. I might as well try a fight scene. Stuff with a lot of action and emotion is outside my comfort-zone, (drawing wise) so that means I need to keep practicing in that area. -.- I hope it goes well.



Oh, anime, I love you.

I just finished watching Kimi ni Todoke. I love all of it!

This is basically how I felt watching Sawako and Kazehaya start to like each other:

When Sawako felt awful, I felt awful:

Then She and Kazehaya confessed their love! I felt like the universe was back in order:

I didn’t make any of these. I don’t own anything except my feelings! bahaa… I found the gifs at

When it ended, I felt that sad-yet-happy goodbye feeling. (I really felt that with Fruits Basket too) I’m really happy the characters straightened everything out. “I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob.” Anyway, it’s an awesome anime. I’d love to read the manga sometime.


New Sketch of Sylvia and Jex


It’s Sylvia and Jex again, and they look better! I think I’m getting the hang of drawing bodies. It’s all thanks my anatomy book. In this sketch I tried foreshortening their limbs a little. I hope it looks decent in your eyes. I will definitely paint this (digitally) sometime.

Also, I’m glad they look more “manga-like.”

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Manga Anatomy Book Acquired

I’m taking a break from reading about muscles to tell anyone with a mild interest that I am LEARNING! I feel confident and I want to draw! But I want to finish the book first…

Lately I have felt discouraged. I don’t really like my painting of Ia that much. It makes me wonder about all the other artists out there that feel the same way towards their work. When I look at what they do (“they” in a general sense) I’m like, “I want to be that skilled!!” while they probably feel how I do. They look at even more skilled artists and say the same thing. It’s kind of like a cycle. Does it stop eventually? Maybe it shouldn’t… Isn’t there a saying somewhere about how there’s always room for improvement?

So then the ideal mindset might be satisfaction with what you do combined with a pleasant motivation for becoming better.

That’s all for now. Sorry if I didn’t make much sense. I’m going to get back to reading. Maybe I’ll post some practice sketches sometime.

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Ia on Sai


Yay! I’m done. I don’t remember where I made the background, but I didn’t make it on sai. I stumbled across a website a long time ago and made a random design with a selection of brushes it provided. I like how it looks with Ia. And I’m REALLY happy with her. I had a method of shading for everything except the hair. Start with a base color, shade with darker and darker color, then a whole bunch of random stuff. I also colored the lines for her hair by preserving opacity of the line art layer.

I think this will be the last thing I do on Sai for a while.

A few drawing tips: Shading makes a difference (don’t limit it to just the edges.) Don’t be afraid to experiment like crazy, and read as many tutorials as you can.

^I’m not saying anything like I’m an expert because I’m not. (for some reason, I feel like I should mention that O.o)



1. You are playing The Game now that you read this post, or clicked on the Wikipedia link, whether you like it or not.

2. If you lose The Game then you have to announce on your blog how you lost the game, no matter how much that annoys your followers.

3. You must link at least 2 other people into this game.

I’m adding Scarlett Symphony from The Mindset of a WriterPandaren from No Pocky for Panda, and Yurika Mulase from Yurikaeureka. (I hope you guys don’t mind)

Alas, I have lost.

So far I’ve finished Ia’s skin. I’m making progress on her hair. I might finish tomorrow!


IA Lineart

It took me all of yesterday to figure out how to position her. I mean I wanted her arms raised and her knee bent, but I was having trouble drawing it. I would draw the arms too long or short. Sometimes her legs looked like they belonged to a frog. Her head and face looked wrong. Stuff like that. Thankfully I had the willpower to fix it. I’m used to settling with “so-so” stuff most of the time.

In case someone would like to know: To fix her face, I moved her eyes closer together. Also, I had to line up her nose and mouth. For arms, you need to know what kinds of muscles go where (a decent knowledge of muscles is important for drawing all parts of the body, really)  If you have trouble, hide them with sleeves like me! (proportions are important as well, and I’m still getting the hang of that.) I still need to practice with drawing legs, but again knowing the muscles are key. I hope to buy a book about human anatomy soon.

So I’m gonna start coloring now.

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This is Ia again. In all the pictures of her she’s always looked calm and shy, so I decided to draw her dancing. I’m going to work on the pose and the tilt of her head to make it look more “dance-y,” but I think I’m ready for Sai.

I’m in a great mood today! I’ve got my jams, which consist of dance remix/ trance songs, and I’m set for the rest of the day. (psh. who needs homeschooling?) I’m just kidding, Mom, if you read this. I’ll get to it eventually.


Character: Hiro

I like everything except his posture. It doesn’t look very natural, but I was too lazy to go back and fix it. I’ve improved with painting clothes, though. His hoodie is awesome.

Is his head too big? Oh, and I wanted to tell anyone out there that is new to Sai, change the stabilizer settings to those “S-” numbers! I used S-6 for line art and it saved me a bunch of time. The lines turn out smoother and stuff.

Well, time is running out before my free trial is up. I’m thinking about painting a VOCALOID character next (probably Ia.) I’ve listened to a lot of her songs lately.