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I’m soo satisfied with this picture!

My favorite part is her hairstyle. I’ve usually gone with longer and more natural styles, but trying this out was really fun. It took me forever to color it, though. I redid it nearly twenty times until I ended up with this. In case anyone wants to know roughly how I painted the hair, I started with a light shade of pink and filled in the top of her head. Next, I used a slightly darker shade to indicate the light reflections. I made big V’s. (They’re kind of faded now.) From there, I just used darker and darker shades of red. A key detail that I think made a bit of a difference was softening the left edges, but hardening the right. (I used airbrush for soft and marker for hard)

I also liked using textures. It makes the picture look a lot cooler. When I opened a texture for the first time, I freaked out since my girl picture disappeared. I soon saw that there are tabs near the bottom. From there, I copied and pasted from one canvas to the main.

I kinda wish the city background looked better. I should have  made it “3D-er.”

So that’s all today. I’ll probably work on Starry tomorrow.



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