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*Sob* …I’m fine though

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I was so frustrated with SAI yesterday. My second attempt to color got messed up again. The whole thing stopped working with windows, so I had to close it down for a bit. When I got back, the trial version, I learned, does not save layers. sad. :/

I also think I dove into this without trying to learn as much as I could before starting. I’m trying to create a whole picture without knowing how half the tools work.

Wanting to do things professionally off the bat, is what I tend to do. It’s why I stopped learning ballet and piano when I was younger. Art (mainly manga-related now) was a little different. I drew stuff, I thought they looked good, I felt confident, I drew some more and developed techniques (eventually). I don’t think my techniques are the best, top quality stuff, but I do think I’m on the right track. Since I’ve stuck with art and drawing this long, I almost positively sure it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. (If I get good enough and I get recognized maybe it could be a career) I like the idea of illustrating for a company or a mangaka.

So I think I’ll try going about the starry drawing a little slower. I’m following a more detailed tutorial that shows a different way of drawing line art. I’ll start completely over and post what I’ve done sometime in the future.


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