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Human STAHP!


hehee! Our family dog is silly.


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A little extra for the day.

I haven’t really thought about my stories recently. Violet and Hiro’s story still needs development. I want it to have a lot of action and cool characters along with some plot twists.

Now that I’m talking about it, I’m feeling a little inspired. Maybe I’ll draw a picture of Violet and Hiro fighting a monster…yes! I will do that after Starry.

AND I wanted to share a poem I wrote four of five nights ago when I couldn’t sleep. It’s called Time’s Curse.  

I’m not really a poet. I just scribble a random idea down from time to time. I rhyme a little and I think I set up an okay rhythm. It’s all just for fun.

Some stuff I want you to know before reading: It’s about Tabitha who starts out as a little girl. I portrayed Time as a boy. I had Peter Pan in mind.


Tabitha thought a lot about time.

It was always on her mind.

Seconds, minutes, and hours flew by.

She almost wanted to cry,

For it was a never-ending cycle

that went on and on,

And her life was a tiny blip

Soon to be lost and forever gone.

Why did anything matter

If it was doomed to disappear,

While Time sailed forward

without any worry or fear?

“And Time’s going to leave me behind,”

Said Tabitha.

Her dismal words rang in Time’s ear,

So he flew down to meet her.

“I can imagine how you feel,”

Time said to Tabitha.

“I’ve known a lot of people

Who’ve said the same thing.”

Tabitha replied politely,

“That’s reassuring.”

But, in truth

She felt worried.

“Do you remember their names?”

Tabitha had to know.

If Time remembered,

Then he must care, she thought.

Time scratched his chin and said,

“No, I don’t remember one.”

This made Tabitha fall.

“My life will be trivial after all!”

“Don’t think like that!” Time cried.

“Life’s not about feeling sorry for yourself. I’m sure!”

“Then what’s life about?”

Tabitha listened with eager ears.

To her surprise, Time laughed.

“I haven’t a clue! I’ve had time to think too.”

Tabitha clutched her aging heart.

“What’ll I do?”

She raised her old, miserable eyes.

They met Time’s.

“You’ll be gone soon,” he said.

“Is there something you want?”

A sinister smile stretched across her face.

“I want you to remember me.”

“I’ll try my best. What’s your name?”

Time smiled back, unknowingly.

“Tabitha!” she screamed,

Throwing herself at him.

She snatched a nearby pair of scissors

and scratched her name across Time’s chest.

Time wailed with pain

until it was finished.

He finally fell to his knees

from pain and exhaustion.

Tabitha stood over him

full of satisfaction.

“I’ve wasted away thinking of you.

Now you’ll waste away thinking of me.”

When writing this poem, I was feeling all whimsical. The creepy curse ending just came out of nowhere, but I think it’s a wonderful character idea. I can almost picture the whole story about Time living with his curse. I’d also like to draw him.

So Tabitha has obsession about Time from when she was little. That’s how I pictured her in the beginning. She grows up and becomes more and more worried about dying, never to be significant or even remembered posthumous. (Family and friends will remember her, but they’ll eventually die too.) Then Time comes to meet her and hopefully cheer her up. She almost feels important since Time chose to talk to her, but she ends up hating him because he doesn’t care enough to remember any names. That’s why ,when she’s so miserable at her old age, she curses Time. I think his curse will cause him to age and eventually die, all the time being plagued by the thoughts of Tabitha.


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I’m soo satisfied with this picture!

My favorite part is her hairstyle. I’ve usually gone with longer and more natural styles, but trying this out was really fun. It took me forever to color it, though. I redid it nearly twenty times until I ended up with this. In case anyone wants to know roughly how I painted the hair, I started with a light shade of pink and filled in the top of her head. Next, I used a slightly darker shade to indicate the light reflections. I made big V’s. (They’re kind of faded now.) From there, I just used darker and darker shades of red. A key detail that I think made a bit of a difference was softening the left edges, but hardening the right. (I used airbrush for soft and marker for hard)

I also liked using textures. It makes the picture look a lot cooler. When I opened a texture for the first time, I freaked out since my girl picture disappeared. I soon saw that there are tabs near the bottom. From there, I copied and pasted from one canvas to the main.

I kinda wish the city background looked better. I should have  made it “3D-er.”

So that’s all today. I’ll probably work on Starry tomorrow.


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*Sob* …I’m fine though

I was so frustrated with SAI yesterday. My second attempt to color got messed up again. The whole thing stopped working with windows, so I had to close it down for a bit. When I got back, the trial version, I learned, does not save layers. sad. :/

I also think I dove into this without trying to learn as much as I could before starting. I’m trying to create a whole picture without knowing how half the tools work.

Wanting to do things professionally off the bat, is what I tend to do. It’s why I stopped learning ballet and piano when I was younger. Art (mainly manga-related now) was a little different. I drew stuff, I thought they looked good, I felt confident, I drew some more and developed techniques (eventually). I don’t think my techniques are the best, top quality stuff, but I do think I’m on the right track. Since I’ve stuck with art and drawing this long, I almost positively sure it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. (If I get good enough and I get recognized maybe it could be a career) I like the idea of illustrating for a company or a mangaka.

So I think I’ll try going about the starry drawing a little slower. I’m following a more detailed tutorial that shows a different way of drawing line art. I’ll start completely over and post what I’ve done sometime in the future.


Starry with shadows and an incomplete colored picture

I spent many hours coloring this picture, but I’m starting over. The layers were gettin’ all funky, so hopefully I’ll set it up right this time.

So here’s my drawing with and without color.

I’m very happy with this!

Not so happy with this… (I mean this looks like a good start to me, but stuff like colors and layers weren’t working very smoothly)I didn’t finish with the hair. What I have is just the base. I also couldn’t get a good glow from all the stars, especially the one above her head. I think if I set up the layers and masks it’ll look different. *fingers crossed*

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Work in progress. (Starry)

I’m finally back, and ready to make some cool art stuff! Today I started experimenting with paint tool Sai. Here’s what I’ve got so far. (I think it would look better with shadows, but I’m going to do that later)

I downloaded the free trial just today, so I’m very new to all the tools and things. I really liked using the curve tool. It made things look a lot smoother, and it impressed me.  I heard that Manga Studio was better for line art, so I hope to  try that possibly tomorrow.


October 10

Here I have two drawings today. Both in ink…yay!

The only thing I would change is the floor. I didn’t use a ruler. I’m very happy with this drawing overall.


This drawing is a redo of what I sketched in my notebook last year. I thought about showing both to let you guys see how I used to draw, but I felt too embarrassed.

The only things I might change are her mouth, chin, and her hair.

Farewell for now. I’m working on another drawing that I’m going to finish hopefully soon.


More ink drawings!


I’ve got two drawings to share today. I’m practicing with poses and backgrounds.

In the drawing above, I made a beach background. Drawing the pose was fairly easy. I went about it a different way, focusing on the spine, hips, and shoulders. I’m very pleased with this one, and I think I’m getting shadows a little better. (Yay improvement!) The only things I don’t like are her feet (they’re a little short and the toes look strange) and her hand that’s in her hair (I didn’t really plan where the fingers were going to be.)

I really love using ink pens. They make everything so nice looking.

This next one looks a little wobbly to me, but I still like it. I originally wanted the kids to be sitting on the fence. Obviously, I couldn’t get that to work. I’m satisfied with how they look, though. And I’m pleased with the city background. I don’t think it looks that great, but I’m happy with the fact that I actually tried it. By the way, they’re holding candy apples. It’s hard to tell without color.

I want to try working with my tablet again soon. I want to use the Manga Studio software because I heard it’s good for line art. For colors, I’ll probably experiment with Gimp.