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Violet and Hiro sketches

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Greetings, friends. I’m introducing two characters of mine today. They are fresh from the wrinkles of my imagination. I hope you like them.

This is Violet. Her strength is telekinesis power, but she uses a staff for other spells. She fights to defeat monsters that have been unleashed all over the world. I think I need to develop her personality a little more, but I’ll share what I have so far.

Violet is an overachiever. This is because she almost desperately wants attention. She can’t handle criticism very well, and she tends to doubt herself. She’s loud and fierce most of the time, but she’s loyal and very ambitious.

Physical appearance: White-ish blonde hair, red eyes.

Now, for Hiro.

Hiro has enhanced speed and swordsmanship. I paired him with Violet because he’s pretty laid back most of the time and very open-minded (which is good because Violet will be bossy.)  His main weakness is that he doesn’t take care of himself. Because of that, I picture Hiro being nice to people and putting their needs before his own.

Physical: Blue hair, dark eyes

The two characters are members of S.R. 1 (sub rosa.) It translates into “under the rose” which basically means secret. Anyway, S.R.1 works to take down an evil dude who’s climbed up to power by releasing monsters of his creation into society, but he’s also created an army with supernatural powers to defeat the terrifying monsters to win society’s heart. So both sides have supernatural powers. The question is how? (I don’t really want to keep it to myself, but I think I should.)

So I’m happy with the sketches and I’m almost ready to start on the manga script. I also need to start practicing with facial expressions and different body poses. Even though I feel a little overwhelmed I WILL PERSEVERE….sorry, I’m listening to Two Steps from Hell. Their music makes everything feel epic.


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