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I finished watching a series this morning, and I feel…well, the only word that fits is “blarg.” I’m pretty positive I’m not the only anime fan that feels empty inside when a series is over. Does that sound stupid? It sounds dramatic at least. It’s not a big deal to most people because they’re just shows, but I think the reason I almost always feel upset is because some characters are special to me. I don’t like saying goodbye. I connect to them, and I’m fascinated that a person thought them up. I’m not talking about every character I see because some are just stupid, to be honest.

Anyone can create their own characters, but making a character that is like-able and unique is tough for most people. You can’t just make a perfect character. You have to incorporate flaws and backgrounds to make them realistic. It’s also important to consider whether to make them a static or dynamic character.

I always need to bounce ideas off my sister, who has more experience constructing characters than me.

So I have a few drawings this time. Just below, a girl is lost in a maze, and that’s how we all probably feel now and then. The only things I don’t like are her hands, hair, and the path. I’ll keep improving, though. I’m happy with it overall, and I’m glad I filled the page. My sister jokingly said that I should have drawn Slenderman in the distance. *shudder*

Now for the next one. This is Jex, a character of mine from a year and a half ago. He’s a cursed wizard. The curse he has affects his will to live, so he’s a depressed character even though he looks fine now. (I should work on his clothes.)

The next one is Sylvia. She helps Jex beat the curse. They’ll most likely fall in love. (That’s how it usually goes.) Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with this one. I also have a colored version.

What do you think? I did this with my graphic tablet, and it’s lots of fun.


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