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Ella Sketch

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This sketch is of a random character that I made on the spot. I was thinking of names to give her, and Ella seemed to fit the best. I know an important part of drawing manga is drawing a character from different perspectives, so that’s what I tried here. The only thing that looked off was the shape of her head on the farther away version and the length of her legs (her knees look too low), but everything else looks fine.

When I was drawing this, I had Fairy Tail in mind. I tried making Ella look like she could be a character.

I really want to learn how to paint with a graphic tablet. I have one now and I’ve made a few things, but I’ve put it aside to focus on building up my skill on paper. It might take a while, though. I have trouble with just about everything. My goal for now is to improve on drawing hair and clothes.

I feel like I should say more, but that’s it for now. I have to get used to saying so much online.


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