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Graceful manga girl sketch

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The sketch below is from a few months ago, and it’s my first sketch that I was really satisfied with. This is mainly because I used guidelines for anatomy which helped me make things pretty proportional to each other. The subject looks a little tall, but it kinda fits for that type of character. I was going for graceful. Do you think I succeeded?

To critique myself I think I should have put her shoulders farther back to make her stand up straighter. I think her eyes aren’t lined up quite right, and she looks a little too thin. Other than that, I think it looks fairly decent.

Before drawing this, I felt pretty lost. I was overwhelmed by how much I wanted to improve, and I didn’t have any good quality supplies to get me started. I’m sure everyone who wants to draw feels this way. Well, I soon bought several drawing pencils and a big sketchbook. I’ve been reading several books on drawing manga as well, which has helped a bunch! I feel a lot better now. Recently, I’ve experimented with ink pens, and they’re lots of fun.


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