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Some things about myself.

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I love anime.

I’m sorta new to it, but it’s what got me drawing in my notebooks again. I saw anime and was like, “I want to draw like that!” Some of my favorite anime shows are Code Geass (AHH! so awesome), Fairy Tail, Hetalia, Toradora, and Eureka Seven. I haven’t read much manga yet, but Fruits Basket is dear to my heart.

I wrote a story over and over for almost two years. I never got anywhere near finishing, but now with my renewed interest in drawing I thought I should try turning my story into a manga. I’ll post sketches of my characters at some point!

Uh, some other stuff about myself…

Well, I’m learning Japanese. I must say it’s really fun . If I get to speaking it well, I’ll learn to read and write. Then, maybe I’ll save up to actually visit Japan. It’s the full Japanese experience!

Now to make things clear, I’m not obsessed with everything about Japan. I’m just obsessed with anime…and sushi. haha

Okay, enough about that. My favorite color is teal, I live in a funny family of movie quoters, and I’m terrified of Slenderman. Kinda short and random, but whatever….eh, I’m tired of trying to sound interesting. Until next time!


Author: Cricket

I like reading, writing, and art-ing. (mostly art-ing)

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