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Sylvia and Jex again

This isn’t the drawing that I mentioned a few days ago. I haven’t made a lot of progress lately, so I’m sharing this one in the meantime. (this sketch was drawn just before I made this blog.)  It’s not a favorite of mine, but that’s just because I’m not comfortable with drawing poses like this. Jex looks weird, and their arms and shoes looks awkward.  I’m okay with Sylvia. I kinda like her skirt…that’s pretty much it. I think it’s somewhat decent overall. I’m just being negative.

Notice the ink? Pens are fun, but I need practice…obviously. Bye now


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Not much today

Hello! Sorry, I don’t have a drawing to show today, but I’m working on one…kind of. I started a rough sketch yesterday, but I put it aside today to organize Violet and Hiro’s story.  By that, I mean I’ve made lots of character profiles.

I read through some creepy folklores about witches, werewolves, and ghosts. All of it ended in death, but it was just what I needed to get a “spooky supernatural” mindset, which has given me new ideas for more characters. I’m really interested to see them.

My favorite supporting character has been named Moonie the Mad Clockmaker, who is sort of a zombie. He can summon the dead and use it as defense. I like him because he’s going to be a quiet and lazy person, but kicks butt with his zombie army. (Oh, and the clockmaker part was the profession of his early years)


Fall is chilly

I’m happy that Fall is here.  The air turns crisp and cool. Everyone starts wearing scarves and jackets, and all I want to do is stay inside bundled up with a warm cup of apple cider. Fall brings such a great feeling. I love it! I love taking deep breaths of the cold air, but feeling the warm sun at the same time.

Now, to business…haha.

The more I look at this sketch the more I like it. I drew this around September 13, so it’s not from too long ago. I like her coat and mittens. I’m also satisfied with the flow of her hair. The scarf is okay, but it doesn’t look very clear.

Well, I’m glad.  I wanted a drawing for Fall, and I like what I did. I drew the eyes a little differently, but I think they look more appropriate. Her eyes give a sense of calmness, and I think it’s a little comforting as well. That’s how I feel when the weather cools down. Life seems to calm down and go into hibernation.

I really want some apple cider now. I’m also craving candy apples…AH! That gives me a sketch idea.

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Violet and Hiro sketches

Greetings, friends. I’m introducing two characters of mine today. They are fresh from the wrinkles of my imagination. I hope you like them.

This is Violet. Her strength is telekinesis power, but she uses a staff for other spells. She fights to defeat monsters that have been unleashed all over the world. I think I need to develop her personality a little more, but I’ll share what I have so far.

Violet is an overachiever. This is because she almost desperately wants attention. She can’t handle criticism very well, and she tends to doubt herself. She’s loud and fierce most of the time, but she’s loyal and very ambitious.

Physical appearance: White-ish blonde hair, red eyes.

Now, for Hiro.

Hiro has enhanced speed and swordsmanship. I paired him with Violet because he’s pretty laid back most of the time and very open-minded (which is good because Violet will be bossy.)  His main weakness is that he doesn’t take care of himself. Because of that, I picture Hiro being nice to people and putting their needs before his own.

Physical: Blue hair, dark eyes

The two characters are members of S.R. 1 (sub rosa.) It translates into “under the rose” which basically means secret. Anyway, S.R.1 works to take down an evil dude who’s climbed up to power by releasing monsters of his creation into society, but he’s also created an army with supernatural powers to defeat the terrifying monsters to win society’s heart. So both sides have supernatural powers. The question is how? (I don’t really want to keep it to myself, but I think I should.)

So I’m happy with the sketches and I’m almost ready to start on the manga script. I also need to start practicing with facial expressions and different body poses. Even though I feel a little overwhelmed I WILL PERSEVERE….sorry, I’m listening to Two Steps from Hell. Their music makes everything feel epic.

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Girl in a flower field

Hello! The picture I have to share today is from a month or two ago. The look wasn’t something I was going for, but I still like it very much. I don’t know how to explain it, but I wanted something more “anime-ish.” I should have outlined everything with black, but I have yet to master the tablet. I would love to get a program that Speed Paint videos on youtube use. I think those kind of programs have vector stuff. I’m not quite sure how it works, but I’ve heard it helps people make line-art. That’s what I need!

Recently, I’ve thought up a brand new plot. I’m getting super excited about it too. It will include fighting monsters and magic/science-fiction stuff. I’m not sure if I should share the details yet, but I will share my character drawings (most likely tomorrow.)

I’m very thankful for my sister again. Everything was jumbled up and undeveloped until I talked about it with her.

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I finished watching a series this morning, and I feel…well, the only word that fits is “blarg.” I’m pretty positive I’m not the only anime fan that feels empty inside when a series is over. Does that sound stupid? It sounds dramatic at least. It’s not a big deal to most people because they’re just shows, but I think the reason I almost always feel upset is because some characters are special to me. I don’t like saying goodbye. I connect to them, and I’m fascinated that a person thought them up. I’m not talking about every character I see because some are just stupid, to be honest.

Anyone can create their own characters, but making a character that is like-able and unique is tough for most people. You can’t just make a perfect character. You have to incorporate flaws and backgrounds to make them realistic. It’s also important to consider whether to make them a static or dynamic character.

I always need to bounce ideas off my sister, who has more experience constructing characters than me.

So I have a few drawings this time. Just below, a girl is lost in a maze, and that’s how we all probably feel now and then. The only things I don’t like are her hands, hair, and the path. I’ll keep improving, though. I’m happy with it overall, and I’m glad I filled the page. My sister jokingly said that I should have drawn Slenderman in the distance. *shudder*

Now for the next one. This is Jex, a character of mine from a year and a half ago. He’s a cursed wizard. The curse he has affects his will to live, so he’s a depressed character even though he looks fine now. (I should work on his clothes.)

The next one is Sylvia. She helps Jex beat the curse. They’ll most likely fall in love. (That’s how it usually goes.) Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with this one. I also have a colored version.

What do you think? I did this with my graphic tablet, and it’s lots of fun.

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Happy manga girl


This is just a random girl with gravity-defying hair (that I spent A LOT of time on.) Well, what do you think? I like this very much…except her hand.  If I put more effort into it, it would look better, but you can tell I didn’t. It’s okay because this is from August, and I’ve practiced drawing hands since then. She would’ve had two hands, but alas, I came to the edge of the page.

Like I said, this is from August. I wanted to post some older drawings (I guess it’s not that old)  before I started posting more recent ones. I haven’t been drawing over the past week mainly because I got caught up in another anime, but I drew a new character last night that might just end up in a manga.

I feel kinda weird when I say stuff like, “Yeah, I’m gonna create a manga,” when I’m not even close yet. (“Yet”…I hope there’s a yet.) I guess it’s up to me whether I’m still pursuing this. But I’m worried that I’ll feel too discouraged. Note to future self: Don’t give up!

We all give up sometimes. I wonder how things would be different if we actually did the things we were too discouraged to do. That could be easy to answer, though. “If I faced my fears back then, I would be braver today. If I stood up to the bully, I would be more confident today.” Oh, It reminds me of Back to the Future.

That’s all I have to say for today!

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Ella Sketch

This sketch is of a random character that I made on the spot. I was thinking of names to give her, and Ella seemed to fit the best. I know an important part of drawing manga is drawing a character from different perspectives, so that’s what I tried here. The only thing that looked off was the shape of her head on the farther away version and the length of her legs (her knees look too low), but everything else looks fine.

When I was drawing this, I had Fairy Tail in mind. I tried making Ella look like she could be a character.

I really want to learn how to paint with a graphic tablet. I have one now and I’ve made a few things, but I’ve put it aside to focus on building up my skill on paper. It might take a while, though. I have trouble with just about everything. My goal for now is to improve on drawing hair and clothes.

I feel like I should say more, but that’s it for now. I have to get used to saying so much online.

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Graceful manga girl sketch

The sketch below is from a few months ago, and it’s my first sketch that I was really satisfied with. This is mainly because I used guidelines for anatomy which helped me make things pretty proportional to each other. The subject looks a little tall, but it kinda fits for that type of character. I was going for graceful. Do you think I succeeded?

To critique myself I think I should have put her shoulders farther back to make her stand up straighter. I think her eyes aren’t lined up quite right, and she looks a little too thin. Other than that, I think it looks fairly decent.

Before drawing this, I felt pretty lost. I was overwhelmed by how much I wanted to improve, and I didn’t have any good quality supplies to get me started. I’m sure everyone who wants to draw feels this way. Well, I soon bought several drawing pencils and a big sketchbook. I’ve been reading several books on drawing manga as well, which has helped a bunch! I feel a lot better now. Recently, I’ve experimented with ink pens, and they’re lots of fun.